Software as a Service or SaaS is an approach in which an application as a service is delivered over the Internet. This is better for companies as they do not have to install or maintain any software they have access to it over the Web.

Every SaaS model has the following key characteristics.

Multitenant Architecture

This means that several users can share a common source code that is located in a central location.


These source codes are easy to customize based on the business’s needs and the customer as they are all maintained in the same place. …

Management in SaaS (Software as a Service) is a cloud-based concept. It is simply a question of subscribing to software in the form of services delivered via the Internet rather than installing them on the company’s servers.

The software is hosted and run on the service provider’s cloud servers, and company employees connect to it via the web from a computer or any device, including mobile devices. The SaaS model can therefore allow the company to make significant savings. In addition, generally, SaaS is based on a subscription business model.

Thus, rather than paying for a license, the company pays…

A key aspect of incorporating new technology into business processes is calculating the ROI of
software. Knowing how to make this estimate avoiding those frequent mistakes that are usually
made, makes us prepared to make the best decision.

It must always be calculated taking into account at least two starting points: the current situation,
compared to the new project (it is carried out in companies that already have a warehouse that they
want to replace), or two new solutions to each other (there is in cases starting from scratch).

The analysis of the cost of an installation and the =…

Given the intense pace of technological change, it should come as no shock that some IT roles are undergoing a kind of metamorphosis to adapt to the new requirements of increasingly SAAS digital businesses.

Given the effects of the pandemic, IT teams had to lead the implementation of remote work for collaborators in a short space of time, taking into account that only 28% of IT respondents confirmed that their organization had a continuity plan business based on massive remote work.

The new era of SaaS

Back in the day when tin and cardboard (that is, servers and packaged software) were promoted, a delivery agreement…

Software as a Service or SaaS as it is commonly called has emerged as the most preferred cloud model
for business organizations. The exponential increase in the demand for SaaS products has also led to
intense competition in this field. To lead the race of competition and be ahead of your rivals, you
need to have a robust SAAS Marketing Strategy for selling your SaaS products.

SaaS marketing is challenging because of the following reasons:

  • The product is intangible
  • The product is ever-changing
  • The customer base is limited to B2B
  • The competition is fierce

The companies selling SaaS products can…

How do you build Scalable Saas Applications that users not only love but come over & over again? We’ve listed out tips from our tech experts so that you can make sure they’re using the best of Saas Scalability tips without failure. Here are some of the best practices for producing scalable saas applications at a far lower cost.

1.Pick the right technology:

Not every weapon is good for every battle. You need to choose your weapon depending on whom you are going to fight, the distance between you and your opponent, the type of damage you want to do, etc. So is it…

When users fail to derive the full benefits of a SaaS solution, they get worried and eventually cancel their subscription. It is particularly important to motivate users to engage with the software in the right way. Moreover, it is very crucial to identify customers' pain points to give the right value.

In this article, we will be covering all you need to know about strategies to keep users paying for your SaaS solutions in 2021.

1)Try Before They Buy: A recent study found that 44% of B2B SaaS companies offer a free online trial, 41% offer a free 30-day trial…

It is projected that the number of users who adopt software-as-a service can increase drastically in the coming year. This will provide numerous opportunities for all kinds of cloud-based SaaS companies. However, with the growth of any industry, it is only natural that the number of companies providing this service will also grow; hence, it is imperative that SaaS providers fulfill all the customer’s demands or risk losing that customer to their competitor company. …

Are you wondering how businesses will sustain the after-effects of the global pandemic? If yes, then you are at the right place! The way technology is commercialized is changing with time. On premium software, the world is becoming a thing of the past, while the cloud grows rapidly with many companies making the transition into subscription-based services. Although the pandemic has shattered the world’s economy, some businesses are still able to sustain and make profits with the help of the SAAS mode of business. One such example is Zoho, which offers a suite of business, collaboration, and productivity applications. Zoho…

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